Quality can be verified – and we don’t just test our own products.

After decades spent manufacturing the most advanced optical components from our own crystals we demand the best. Using our top of the range equipment we can assess and test your products using the same high standards we apply to our own.

Our long standing experience in this area means we know what counts and we are happy to share our know-how: we can measure, check and certify your components, materials and samples:

Transmission spectroscopy120 nm - 25 μm on plane parallel samples up to 100 mm thickness
Stress induced birefringenceon plane parallel samples up to 200 mm diameter
Surface roughnesson polished samples up to max. 100mm height
Wavefront distortionon plane parallel samples up to 100 mm diameter
Centring erroron lenses and parallel windows
Fluorescence Spectroscopyon selected material (excitation source: Xe-Light)
X-ray Orientationon selected material

If you are interested in using our Testing Service please write us an Email or call us for a quote.