Being able to accurately identify materials and undertake targeted analysis simplifies decision making and minimises risk, not just in industrial quality control (in areas such as pharmaceuticals, the food industry, the chemical industry, etc.) but also in the fields of university study and research.

We can deliver a wide range of components for transmission spectroscopy, one of the basic analytical tools for the whole spectrum (VUV-Ultraviolet-Visible-NIR-FIR), but we also carry specialist components for X-ray analysis and tetra hertz spectroscopy amongst others.

  •  Windows
  • ATR crystals
  • Cuvettes and Equipment
  • Gas Cells
  • FTIR Beamsplitter
  • X Ray-Monochromators
  • F Ion-selective Electrodes
  • Spectroscopy Equipment for VUV / UV-VIS-NIR / FTIR/Terahertz