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Refractive Index

1: BaF2 Scintillator | 2: MgF2 roof prism | 3: CaF2 Cylindrical Lens

One-off Components

Alongside the manufacture of our standard optical components we also produce one-off, specialist components to our client’s specification. These include scintillation detectors to be used in security scanners and X-Ray monochromators for the use in medical technology, to name but a few.


Some of our crystals are used as scintillation detectors for ionising radiation, for instance, we offer detector arrays for scanners made of CsJ:Ti which are used in airport baggage control and other applications.

BaF2 CaF2:Eu CsI:Tl NaI:Tl
X-Ray monochromators

X-Ray monochromators are produced to your specification, frequently using Lithium fluoride but also many other crystal materials.

LiF NaCl
Ion-selective Electrode


Cherenkov Counter




NaCl KBr
UHV Viewports MgF2 CaF2


We can also provide cleaved crystals for epitaxy experiments.

Cleaved crystals for epitaxy experiments

 All cleavable materials produced in-house can be used for epitaxy experiments as atomically flat surfaces. The following materials are particularly suitable: 

NaCl KCl KBr