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Refractive Index


Thallium Chloride (TlCl)

Properties (TlCl)   
Transmission Range (50% of total transmission)   0,69 - 27 µm (thickness 1,65 mm)  
Refractive Index   2,24689 @633 nm  
Reflective Loss   14,7% @0,633 µm  
Reststrahlen   131,1 µm  
Density   7,018 g/cm3  
Melting Point   430°C  
Molecular Weight   239,85  
Thermal Conductivity   0,75 W/(m·K) @329K 
Heat Capacity   217,7 J/(kg·K)  
Thermal Expansion   53 · 10-6 /K (293...333K)  
Hardness (Mohs)   12,8 (Indenter load 500g)  
Young`s Modulus   31,71 GPa 
Shear Modulus   7.58 GPa 
Bulk Modulus   23,57 GPa 
Rupture Modulus    
Elastic Coefficient   C11 = 41,1; C12 = 15,6; C44 = 8,2 GPa 
Dielectric Constant   31,9 @2 MHz  
Solubility in Water   0,33g/100 g @20°C  
Crystal structure  Single crystal, synthetic  
Crystal Type  cubic, CsCl type structure 3,8425 Å nbsp]
Cleavage Planes   No cleavage 
Poisson Ratio   0.33 
Remarks   Unsoluble in ethanol.  


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