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Refractive Index


Silicon (Si)

Properties (Si)   
Transmission Range (50% of total transmission)  1,2 - 15 µm (thickness 2 mm) 
Refractive Index   3,35268 @633 nm  
Reflective Loss   30,11% @3 µm  
Density   2.3291 g/cm3  
Melting Point   1412°C  
Molecular Weight   28.09  
Thermal_Conductivity   163 W/(m·K) @313K 
Heat Capacity   731,9 J/(kg·K) @25°C  
Thermal Expansion   2,62 · 10-6 /°C @300 K <111>  
Hardness (Mohs)   1150   
Young`s Modulus   131 GPa  
Shear Modulus   79.9 GPa  
Bulk Modulus   102 GPa  
Rupture Modulus   130 MPa  
Elastic Coefficient   C11 = 167; C12 = 65; C44 = 80 GPa  
Dielectric Constant   13 @ f = 9.37 GHz  
Solubility in Water   unsoluble  
Crystal Structure  single crystal, synthetic 
Crystal Type  cubic, diamond structure, a0 = 5.43086 Å 
Cleavage Planes   (111) 
Poisson Ratio   0.221 
Application   band pass filter, thermography, ATR crystals are used for ATR spectroscopy  (ATR= attenuated total reflection). This is a sampling technique used in conjunction with infrared spectroscopy which enables opaque samples to be examined directly in the solid, liquid or gas state without further preparation e.g. coatings, polymer foils and liquid samples, e.g. solvent mixtures. The method was first presented by Harrick in 1960 and Fahrenfort in 1961. Measuring the intensity of the reflected light allows conclusions to be drawn about the sample. The core element of this method is the internal reflection element (IRE) which uses a property of total internal reflection resulting in an evanescent wave. The IRE is usually a special ATR crystal, which allows for multiple refractions., FIR optics, mirrors, Wafer 
Remarks   Usually we use Floating Zone Material. For special applications Silicon will be produced at a resistance of >10kΩcm. Max. temperature for application: 300°C. Reacts in combination with HF and HNO3. Unsoluble in acids. 

Transmission spectrum


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