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A trained eye and skilled hands are the best prerequisites for our apprentices.

Working their way up: Quality through in-house training

Because in-house training is the best way to guarantee the ongoing quality of our products, Korth Kristalle has been training its own apprentices to become optical engineers for over 35 years.

Training lasts for three and a half years and candidates with practical skills as well as good grades in mathematics, physics and chemistry make particularly suitable apprentices.

As well as attending vocational school (for about 10 weeks a year), our apprentices receive comprehensive practical training. This consists mainly of manufacturing optical components such as lenses, prisms, mirrors, filters etc. by hand as well as by machine. Our apprentices are encouraged to use their own initiative. Many of our apprentices pass their optical engineering exams with distinction and we have been recognised for our achievement in providing vocational training by being designated as an “IHK  Ausbildungsbetrieb” (German Chamber of Commerce Training Provider).

If you are interested in joining us, please send your CV by mail to info@korth.de or by post to:

Korth Kristalle GmbH
For the attention of: Hauke Korth
Am Jägersberg 3

D - 24161 Altenholz