Korth Kristalle GmbH

Refractive Index

1: Fused Silica Lens | 2: BaF2 Scintillator | 3: Traffic Check | 4: Luggage Inspection

Sensor technology

A wide range of active principles (such as light modulation, light conversion, absorption etc) are applied when using sensors to measure and control the changes in environmental, biological or technical systems. We manufacture the necessary optical components to the highest standards in any number and to any specification using our own materials.


• X-ray Scanner

• Automotive Safety

• Security Technology

• Gas Sensors

•Photoelastic Modulator

• Pyrometer

• Pyroelectric Sensors

• Thermal Sensors

Barium Fluoride

Lead Fluoride

Calcium Fluoride

Caesium Iodide


Potassium Bromide


Magnesium Fluoride

Fused Silica

Quartz Crystalline


Zinc Selenide