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Refractive Index


Caesium Iodide (CsI)

Properties (CsI)   
Transmission Range (50% of total Transmission)   0,25 - 55 µm (thickness 2 / 1 mm) 
Refractive Index  1,780557 @633 nm  
Reflective Loss   7,28% @10 µm  
Reststrahlen  145.8 µm, 118 µm  
Density   4.5 g/cm3  
Melting Point   627°C  
Molecular Weight   259.83  
Thermal_Conductivity   1,1 W/(m·K) @298K  
Heat Capacity   201 J/(kg·K) @20°C  
Thermal Expansion   50 · 10-6/K (@298...323K) 
Hardness (Mohs)   20 
Young`s Modulus   5.3 GPa  
Shear Modulus   7,3 GPa  
Bulk Modulus   12.67 GPa  
Rupture Modulus   5.6 MPa  
Elastic Coefficient   C11 = 24,5; C12 = 6,6; C44 = 6,31 GPa  
Dielectric Constant   5,65 @298K, f = 1 MHz 
Solubility in Water   84,8g /100g@25°C  
Crystal Structure   Single crystal, synthetic  
Crystal Type   Cubic, CsCl type structure, a = 4.5679 Å 
Cleavage Planes   No Cleavage 
Poisson Ratio  0.26 
Application  undoped CsI for IR spectroscopy, Cs:Tl and CsI:Na as scintillator material 
Remarks  Material is very soft, difficult to polish and sensitive in combination with humidity. Soluble in weak alcohol (ethanol, methanol, aceton), max. temperature for application: 200°C.  

Transmission spectrum


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