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Caesium Bromide (



Properties (CsBr)   
Transmission Range (50% of total transmission)  0,235 - 40 µm (thickness 71,5mm)  
Refractive Index  1,692880 @633nm  
Reflective Loss   6,19% @10 µm  
Reststrahlen   125 µm, 97 µm  
Density   4.44 g/cm3  
Melting Point   636°C  
Molecular Weight   212.83  
Thermal Conductivity   0,94 W/(m·K) @273 K  
Heat Capacity   264 J/(kg·K) @20°C  
Thermal Expansion   47,9 · 10-6/K (@298...323 K)  
Hardness (Mohs)   19.5 (Indenter load 200g)  
Young`s Modulus   15.85 GPa 
Shear Modulus   8,6 GPa 
Bulk Modulus   16,7 GPa 
Rupture Modulus   8.4 MPa 
Elastic Coefficient   C11 = 30.7; C12 = 8.4; C44 = 7.49 GPa 
Dielectric Constant   6.51 @f = 2MHz  
Solubility in Water   123g /100g @25°C  
Crystal Structure   Single crystal, synthetic  
Crystal Type  cubic, CsCl type structure, a = 4,2953 Å  
Cleavage Planes   no cleavage 
Poisson Ratio   0.28 
Application   windows and prisms for IR, FIR spectroscopy 
Remarks   Sensitive in combination with moisture, soluble in weak alcohol (ehanol, aceton..), max. temperature for application: 400°C 

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